Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lets start this blog

It is now the end of the 2012 sailing season and many of us are going through the tasks of getting our boat pulled from the water and put on the hard for the coming winter.  During the winter most of us plan things we need to get done to our vessel before putting it back in the water, we plan things we want to do next season, we read books and magazines to get ideas or to learn some do it yourself things, and we also try to stay in touch with the inner self who wants to still be on the water during the New Jersey winter. For the past three years I have thought about starting a website regarding Raritan Bay, but thought we would start with a blog and see how things progress.  If we get a lot of response, we will certainly build a website focused on us Raritan Bay sailors.  I'm hoping for a good following and to bring a wealth of information to all of you that have chosen to follow this blog.

In Raritan Bay there are many places we can sail and enjoy ourselves.  We can stop and eat right along the bay, we can stop and pull an over night stay in some nice areas, visit New York City, travel the south shore of Long Island, or just sit back in your cockpit enjoying a good book.  We hope to bring more to your attention in Raritan Bay then you ever thought possible.  It will be a real challenge during winter, but we travel to the bay weekly in search of the things mentioned above.

There are many places one can keep their vessel.  Whether it is at a dock, on a mooring, or trailered to the bay, there are many options which we will cover.  We happen to keep our sailboat in Keyport Harbor on a mooring, but you can also keep it docked, or you can trailer your boat using the Keyport ramp.  So there are many options available in just one town, imagine what all the towns along the bay offer!  I hope to bring that to you with pictures to make you feel as though you are right there with us.

So do us and yourself a favor, signup as a follower of this blog and we will bring you as much as we can find about sailing the bay.