Saturday, May 4, 2013

Quickie Update

We have been busy with work and working on the boat.  The trip to the bay has been a regular thing at least every two weeks.  We even tried fishing from the shore with little interest on the part of the fish.  Over the past few weeks changes have come to the shores of the bay. Jakeobob's has been knocked down and made into a pile of rumble.  The same took place to Ye Cottage Inn in Keyport.

I have no idea of what the future of this landmark bares. It think it would be nice to see it come back.  The fishing areas of Keyport waterfront still sit in disrepair, and the fishing pier remains closed.  The season is here and those thinking about fishing Keyport will have to find another spot.  Those interested trying the Keansburg pier will be in luck shortly, they have been moving along and have a good area of decking replaced.  Not much going on in Union Beach where the beach rail fence is still not fixed or replaced.

With the water temperatures in the bay hovering in the low fifties, it is time to start fishing. Over the past week the striper fishing has opened up, bunker are coming into the bay, and blues are close behind. Maybe the weakfish will follow....  The evidence of fishing picking up is the lack of parking spaces at the Keyport ramp.  One spot available!

Down the road piece there are some noticeable changes.  The old building along Amboy Road, in front of Browns, has been knocked down.  Up The Creek Tavern seems to be something in our past.  The site's only evidence of the Tavern is the sign along Amboy Road and the satellite dish looking over the boat slips.

There will be more to come over the next few weeks.  The boat will be in the water within the next two weeks. This will give us a chance to scout around and see first hand how the bay is recovering, plus if the fish are biting.

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